Late Night Contemplation

Lady in Red

So clearly I am not an experienced blogger.. but never a better time than the now I guess to get in the know. Here I am.. writing after being inspired by my very eventful 2012. Speaking to my mum last night I told her and I quote ” I put my life on hold for this love.. what a dumb idea I accomplished nothing last year except to get hitched” In motherly fashion she reminded me of how much I did accomplish in that year of the 12.. even tho to me, in my womanly sorry for myself self,  felt like I didn’t do a thing. I had to reflect on how much I actually did. And when it dawned on me that I was one bad brave bitc..erm female. I played myself one sweet tune on the violin.. then poured myself a shot of NyQuil.. to celebrate the memory.

So whats in store.. well the thing is to start a blog and page on Love and Marriage you have to have some passion for love and marriage. I began to understand that love ain’t easy to love at times, and marriage well forget about it. Little miss in the clouds..I thought that everything would have been ‘o so perfect’ once I finally moved across the pond and shacked up with my soon to be husband. Well it was not.. far from and I had to go through the motions of not only dealing with in laws who wanted me to drown while swimming back to England.. but planning a wedding.. losing friends.. being a stay at home mum, cook cleaner babysitter and everything else that came with the territory. O and lets not forget living with my partner for the first time ever..we drove each other nuts. But by God’s Grace.. yea Grace is awesome..we and when I say ‘we’ I really mean me, made it through that terrible yet strangely educational first year of marriage. And now am more than ready to go forward on this blogging journey of Love and Marriage. I hope that I can continue to find new ways to express my thoughts to keep my page fun entertaining and inspiring, as I share with you my journey through this love thang. Jewel x


The Intro.

Thank you for visiting my new blog. It has been inspired by my facebook page This is still a work in progress but I feel very thankful that finally I have been motivated to create something that I feel so passionate about. I hope that my blog not only inspires but educates each and every one of my readers to look at love and their relationships in a new and uplifting light. Happy readings xx