I started off with an idea of bringing young married couples together because suddenly  I found that my life had completely changed once I said I do. The single way of thinking did not apply anymore and the single way of living didn’t also. I was living with a someone  I never lived with before,in a country that was foreign to me. I had to find new friends find a new job find new hobbies and the hardest bit was adjusting to the culture difference. Coming from a fairly residential part of London where I pretty much was able to spark conversation with almost anyone in the street, I now faced sultry and moody New Yorkers, who looked at me like a crazy the woman the moment I started to speak. Some though were more welcoming and thankfully that kept me encouraged.

Neither less to say it placed a bit of strain in my marriage because my husband was my main source of social interaction, besides my four year old of course. I was  emotional and frustrated and  this made me realize that before getting  married I found loads of information on color schemes, dresses, bridesmaids shoes and not enough on how to make a marriage work. Yes not much up till that point! I felt like a fish out of water and  had to find a way of dealing with all the changes that were happening. So I started this facebook page  where the description said

“I just wanted to dedicate a page to all young married couples. There are so many pages dedicated to weddings and not much to the support thereafter, especially to young and first timers. So I am inviting all married couples to join in with the postings and lets share happy memories, advice, tips and recipes for a happy successful marriage.  Discussing topics on stress, finances, sex, coming out of the wedding bliss and into reality (yes your married now!!) the change from single to married life,  entertainment, fun, health and much more. Anything is up for discussion, just be confident about the personal information you are posting. And please lets be respectful to all couples, regardless of age, religion, race or sexual orientation. Happy Posting guys xx”

And from there, this blog was inspired. I think the biggest thing that this relationship has taught me, is that loving and looking after myself first, is the greatest gift I can give to my family. Only then, can I be at my best.

Jewel xx




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